So here we are halfway through 2019 already! Its been a busy years so far manufacturing wise within the UK. Our own company have seen a gradual increase in business month of month from February onward. Speaking to some of our friends within the same industry we are finding the general outlook to be positive.

Brexit Effects

We noticed hesitancy from some customers in regards to annual commitments at the beginning of the year due to Brexit Fears. These customers were generally involved in industries related to European manufacturing and trading. This anxiety which surfaced at the beginning of 2019 seems to have passed as companies are feeling more upbeat on Britain’s future trading outlook. A trade deal with the USA is a great idea and many companies are hoping for this to agreed sooner rather than later.

2019 Investment Policy

M&M Turned Parts have so far purchased a new Sliding Head CNC machine at a cost just shy of £200,000. The main reason for the purchase was due to the need for a 32mm Sliding Head CNC Lathe for a particular package of work. We have successfully installed the machine and are now machining many types of precision components. We would like to thank Citizen Machinery for their support with installation and training.

Looking toward Q3 and Q4 of 2019 we are looking into the investment of the latest technology measuring tool to compliment our existing range of equipment. We are scouring the market place to find the ideal equipment to suit the range of components we manufacture.

To The Future!

We are heading into August with a positive mindset and look to carry this through to the end of the year. Manufacturing seems to be on a steady curve except for the slump in the Automotive Sector. With the Introduction of Electric Vehicles by the major manufacturers there is a feel that the industry is heading for a mass change.

Thank you for reading!