M&M Turned Parts are approaching an important milestone in the history of the company. In January 2020 we will have been trading for 30 years which is a great achievement for our family business. After starting off with CAM Automatic machines in a small unit on a farm we have grown year on year. Due to our forward thinking approach we have invested in the latest technology equipment and skilled staff. This has allowed us to continue offering our services over such a long period of time. We hope to continue this trend for a further 30 years into the next generation of the family.

Family Values

Whilst forming the company in 1990 it was important for Eddie Moss to build a platform for his 3 sons to continue. Notably, it was his view to establish a stable business to create jobs for people. No business can succeed without investing in people and this is a fundamental value of our company. Many of the staff have worked at the business for over 10 years proving the positive working environment. M&M Turned Parts promote a staff policy of trust and respect which is promoted site wide.


The most important factor in our industry is to invest in the latest technology CNC Machinery. This allows us to offer cost effective machined components to our customer base. Secondly, this promotes confidence with our customers that we are always looking to improve the quality of our service. Over the last few years we have also invested in a high-quality cleaning plant which is environmentally friendly. This machine uses hydrocarbon based technology to clean components to an immaculate level. The most impressive factor is that is doesn’t release anything back into the atmosphere which was key to the purchase.

Thanks for reading our latest post on our upcoming 30 year Anniversary.