Due to increasing demand from our customer base we have purchased a Citizen L32 Type 12 CNC Sliding Head machine. The new investment will help to manage increased demand from our customer base and add to our existing CNC Sliding Head capacity. After commissioning the new machine will be ready to aid production from beginning of January 2024 and help to reduce customer lead-times. Thank you to Citizen Machinery (UK) for their swift response and efforts to get the new machine to site quickly.


The type 12 Citizen L32 is the top of the range spec and offers great flexibility in terms of how a component can be machined. As a subcontractor we can be machining a simple part one day and a more complex workpiece the next. M&M’s philosophy when buying a machine is to spec them to a high level to cater for the variety of different parts that we manufacture. This particular model is equipped with a CNC ‘B’ axis which enables angular drilling and milling of custom features. LFV (Low Frequency Vibration) is also featured allowing for the chipping of difficult to machine materials such as engineering plastics and stainless steels. This new machine unquestionably enhances our Sliding Head capacity.

Sliding Head Capacity

Firstly, this latest addition takes our Sliding Head section to a total of 6 machines. They are capable of producing turned parts from 2mm up to 38mm in diameter. Our Citizen CNC lathes are ideally suited to batch sizes of 100 components to 100,000 upwards. We machine both ferrous and non-ferrous materials. Finally, we see ourselves continuing to add to our capacity in order to help service our customer requirements. It is paramount in this industry to invest in the latest technology in order to become more efficient.

Thank you for reading!!