Autumn update from M&M Turned Parts.

After a successful 2019 so far, we head into autumn with a sense of intrigue into how the last few months will pan out. The upcoming general election in December has certainly slowed growth within the UK economy for the final quarter. As a company, we continue to be fairly busy with an average order book. We hope to retain the current workload up until the christmas period. Much of our seasonal work has begun to filter through as expected. The general trend within manufacturing seems to be steady after a busy period earlier in the year.

What Have We Been Up To?

Since our last update there have been a few subtle changes within the company. For example, we have added an extra team member in the transport department to give us better flexibility. Local delivery’s and collection of urgent material requirements were key in this decision. We have seen improvements on lead-times etc with this new addition enabling us to react quickly to urgent requirements. It will be interesting to see the true improvement in efficiency by the end of the autumn period. Secondly, we have revamped our material stores creating extra space required as the company expands in terms of machining capacity. This has given us the facility to allocate materials directly to the required machining section thus reducing workload. Our material stores now operates in a more logical manner in line with our continuous improvement policy. We are looking to make some further changes in 2020 to improve efficiency within other areas of the company.  Thank you for reading our latest news update. Please remember to check back on a regular basis or keep up to date with us on our social media feeds.