Great Britain has always had a great influence within manufacturing due to our engineering creativity. If you were to look back in history you would see many British people have invented great technology. Over the last few decades we have seen a decline in UK manufacturing. As a result, this has seen many young people shy away from becoming engineers of the future. This has left a shortage of skilled engineers to fill roles within manufacturing companies. Thus, many organisations have opted to train young people and put them through apprenticeship schemes.

The Future for British Manufacturing

We see the future of manufacturing being greatly influenced by technology due to advances. Techniques are constantly developing and it is important to stay ahead of the competition. In our own industry of CNC turning we have to look to reinvest in the latest machinery. This is important as we need to be able to stay competitive and at the forefront of precision engineering.

Artificial Intelligence 

Moving forward, we see AI playing a big part in British Industry with the introduction of Robots into many sectors. The negative side to this is the reduction in jobs for humans. There will of course be jobs created with the introduction of AI.

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