CNC Sliding Head Turning is one of the many services M&M Turned Parts offer. A large customer base has therefore been developed from Birmingham to London. The general customer base is spread across the UK. Machined parts are also supplied into Europe and the USA. We can make a range of CNC components from simple through to complex. M&M Turned Parts have a good team of people therefore working together to make components of the highest standard.

What is a CNC Sliding Head Turning machine?

Sliding head CNC lathes, also known as Swiss Type lathes were designed for machining small high-precision parts and components.

The technology involves a bar being fed through the machine’s headstock and being gripped by a collet. The bar is supported by a guide bush and this helps make parts to the highest accuracy and gives a good surface finish.

Sliding Head CNC Turning machines are used across a wide range of industry sectors and our machines with their 7-axis capabilities are ideal for precision component manufacture.

Customers can order parts upto 22.5mm diameter on our Sliding Head CNC machining centres.

The machines can be programmed easily, and because parts can be machined using three different tools at the same time, cycle times can be dramatically reduced.

Another plus is the machines ability to operate unattended overnight which helps our company reduce the cost-per-part.

CNC Sliding Head Turning

Due to major investment we have the latest cnc technology machinery. Our Citizen machines can produce turned parts along with specialist fasteners from 1mm in diameter up to 22.5mm diameter. On these machines we can manage component lengths of up to 500mm while ejecting the part through the rear. Sliding Head machines are ideal for high precision components because they have the ability to hold tolerances of 10 microns.

A range of bar turning grade materials are currently machined in addition to others. The most popular types are steel, stainless steel, brass and aluminium. We are vastly experienced in machining plastics and specialist alloys.

CNC Sliding Head Turning services are provided to sectors such as hydraulic, fastener, medical amongst others.

Sliding Head Machining

CNC Sliding head Machining is aimed mainly at the high-volume, close tolerance component market sector. These machine tools are used widely by subcontract furthermore OEM companys because of their versatility.

Our strict quality rules whilst also having keen eye to precision machining have allowed us to move into these sectors. In place is a fully audited ISO 9001 quality system which is constantly reviewed due to changes in processes. Quality checks are in place in production on the complex components we manufacture.

The view is to continue offering an affordable, high quality CNC Sliding Head machining facility to customers. Most business has come through recommendation and this is hopefully credit to our capability.

Please contact us with any enquiries.

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