The last few years have been challenging for all, none more than manufacturer’s! Energy prices have recently spiraled out of control on the back of the Russia/Ukraine war. Precision Engineering and manufacturing companies are heavy user’s of power in the form of electricity. Modern day CNC machinery relies on electricity to power it’s components in order for the machines to function. Energy efficiency is exceptional on newer machinery but there are still many older, first generation CNC machines in use globally. To say that these massive energy prices increases have struck fear into the manufacturing community would be an understatement.

Government Support for Manufacturer’s Required!

Many companies have seen their electricity bills rise three fold in 2022 and without intervention many of these could face difficult circumstances and closure moving forward. More worrying is the effect of these high energy costs on spending as the general public will be cutting back in order to heat their homes. Energy cost support is required immediately for the industrial and manufacturing sectors if we are to avoid an economic catastrophe in the coming months. Of course, we have to provide support to both family’s and businesses to get through this difficult period. It will be interesting to see the government plan that will be announced in September once a new Prime Minister has been appointed.

How we have Prepared as a Company…..

We have been aware of the impending electricity price increases for some time and have put measures in place to counter the issue. Efforts to increase cycle-time efficiency along with using capacity better have been the major focus. Over the last few years we have purchased 5 new CNC machines from Citizen machinery which are highly energy efficient. M&M aim to continue this investment process over the coming years to further reduce our energy consumption. Our company currently operate an environmentally friendly cleaning machine which doesn’t release any pollution in to the atmosphere.

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