As we come to the end of a year in which we have faced many hidden surprises it is time to look forward to 2023 with a positive outlook. Our precision engineering company feel that although there is a lot of economic unrest currently, the manufacturing sector seems to be fairly busy. The energy shock has obviously had an affect on consumer spending but we envisage this to pickup as we move in to quarter two of next year. M&M have managed to delve in to new markets such as renewable energy as the world transitions towards net zero emissions.

Thinking outside the box….

The most positive aspect for engineering companies is their ability to adapt in the face of adversity. We have seen our order book move more towards smaller batches in the last few months. This has obviously been due to customers limiting their stock holding which is understandable in current times. A positive for M&M is our ability to be able to cater for both small and large volume batch sizes. This is testament to our continued investment in modern/flexible CNC machinery. We recently won a new order for various complex parts with batch sizes averaging 100 in quantity.

Energy efficiency in engineering

Energy efficiency is a hot topic currently within manufacturing across the globe. With potential for blackouts it is imperative to maximize the use of electricity. Some of the changes we have put in place include increasing lights out running on larger batch work. This way we are limiting the strain on the resources of the national grid by operating more in off peak hours. Energy efficient lighting is currently being installed in all of the buildings on site to help reduce consumption.

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