Due to an increase in orders from both new and existing customers we have decided to add extra machining capacity on the sliding head side of our business. This new machine will give us greater capability on complex components due to it’s flexibility of approaching jobs from many different angles. We already have one of these machines so are confident of bedding in the sister machine with minimal interruption.

Flexibility and Capability…

The increase in capacity will bring extra capability to our already exciting line-up of CNC Machinery. It is our aim to have the machine up and running from 2nd week June 2021 and producing quality components. So far, we are confident in this as the necessary space and access has been created. The Citizen L32 type 12 is a high-spec CNC Sliding Head Lathe. This gives us the ability to manufacture parts in many ways by utilising it to it’s full capability. For instance, the back tool post features a y-axis which gives us extra cutting tools to reduce work on the main spindle platen. One of the things we love about this machine is it can be run with or without a guide-bush.

Moving Forward

We hope to continue with our investment program over the coming years to stay ahead with the times. As a forward thinking company we always look-ahead and identify when we need extra machining capacity. This is key to keeping customers satisfied and happy with our services.

Thank you for reading and stay safe!!