As a light’s out machining company it is imperative to invest in fire suppression systems to enable unmanned production out of hours. This is a legal requirement within the industry to prevent a fire occurring inside a machine running on neat cutting oil. Our existing fire suppression supplier had pulled out of the industry and we were left with a dilemma. Knowing of Firetrace Ltd and their first-class product which comes as a package with most new Citizen Sliding Head machines. It seemed a no-brainer to approach them for help with solving the issue. Neil and his colleagues were really helpful and attended site to formalise a quotation.

Firetrace Ltd’s Fire Suppression System

We had an existing rapport with Firetrace due to having many modern CNC Machines on-site using their system. They had been here previously and had good knowledge of our setup at M&M. The fire suppression system is a professional solution for the machine tool industry. It offers quick detection of any potential flames that can occur from hot chips of metal during the machining process. When running on neat cutting oil this can be a potential hazard and fire risk. The system uses a heat detecting cable which releases a solution in event of a flame occurring to fill the machine area and prevent a fire. An exterior canister is fitted to the outside of the CNC machine containing the fire extinguishing solution.

Annual Servicing

M&M have decided to have an annual service undertaken on all of the fire suppression systems on-site in order to make sure they are working correctly. The servicing is value for money and an annual inspection is a requirement by law. Certain components need replacing at times and we can’t afford to take any risks when light’s out machining. 

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