M&M Turned Parts Ltd are an experienced hydraulic fittings manufacturer. As an established company, we are currently working with some of the leading organisations within the UK and Europe. Our customers are loyal due to us offering them parts to the highest standards with a reliable service. We have been working within this sector for the last 25 years and have built a tailored manufacturing service for hydraulic fittings.

Components are machined from materials grades such as steel, stainless steel and specialist alloys. With a dedicated warehouse and storage facility we are able to stock components and deliver to the customer’s requirements. This has really helped many of our customers in knowing the parts are available for when needed. It also saves them money in only using the components that they can sell on a monthly basis. All in all this system works very well for both customer and supplier from both a commercial and manufacturing perspective.

With a range of 15 latest technology CNC Turning Machines we are able to manufacture and supply hydraulic components of many forms. Our machinery allows us to produce both simple and complex parts due to us investing in the most capable CNC machinery. This also allows us to switch from one component to another within a short period of time due to the many tool stations we can pre-configure on our CNC Turning Lathes. Batch qty’s can be anything from 50 parts, rising to the many hundreds of thousands.

We hope this has given you a better insight into one of the many services we currently offer as a company. Please feel free to contact our technical sales team if you have any requirements for hydraulic fittings.

Thank you for reading.