One of the most challenging factors for any subcontract machining company is the transition into Industry 4.0. The UK government are putting more and more pressure on companies to focus on energy efficiency. In the following paragraphs we will look at some of the easy improvements that companies can implement. By following these simple steps you can work towards becoming a so called “Smart Factory”.

LED Lighting

This is one of the first steps that can be achieved with funding help from your local government. The cost saving doesn’t just stop with installing a few energy efficient bulbs either. You can then look to add daylight sensors and presence detectors which offer some real power savings. The government incentive has been around for a few years now and was one of the first steps towards Industry 4.0.

Latest Technology Machinery

A costly but wise investment for any machine shop. Newer CNC Machines tend to be more energy efficient due to using the latest technology. By this we mean motors/pumps etc that make better use of input energy. The greatest gain with newer machines is of course the throughput of work due to faster cycle times. Ultimately, this leads to less power being consumed per machined component. Many companies are now looking to reduce the volume of machines by investing in faster, more efficient CNC Machinery.

Another important factor with newer machinery is the reduced setup times for production runs. Some of the latest CNC machines have vast amounts of tool stations available allowing for standardizing of tooling for most types of machined parts. Machine setters will only ever need to then change job specific tools.

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