We can now implement kanban / consignment stock management for cnc turned parts. We also produce machined components and specialist fasteners . Our company operate these systems with some of our existing customer base which has proven to be very successful. This system is mainly operated with our automotive customers. We have also implemented systems into customers in other sectors more recently. Due to the capability of our cnc turning machines this has become an important part of our business. Thus allowing us to keep our customer base happy with regard to on-time delivery and reduced monthly spend. With this system our customers only pay for the goods they have used during the calendar month.

The aim is to manage our customers demands so that product is in place when required, this is worked on a weekly/monthly basis helping to prevent over stocking of components. Many of our existing customer base also feel that this saves on their own labour costs by having their supplier monitoring and controlling stock management through a logical means.

Managed Systems

Moving forward we see our Kanban Turned Parts supply increasing in a positive manner. Demand for a one stop supply chain will become the norm within the manufacturing sector. Areas such such as automotive and marine have driven this forward over the last decade. This is due to the need to reduce supply base which is quite a logical outlook.

Please get in touch as we can offer the total supply package with great flexibility whatever your requirements. We aim to provide a hassle free service without undermining professionalism.

Kanban System