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Materials Machined

M&M Turned Parts Ltd can machine a wide range of materials on our CNC Machining centres. These fall into two main categories, being ferrous and non-ferrous. Our fixed head and sliding head CNC Turning Lathes are also suitable to turning engineering plastics. We also offer subcontract milling in addition to turning of exotic materials. All material is purchased from our UKAS ISO 9001 approved supply base who we have been using for many years. Having this procedure allows full traceabiltiy from goods receipt to the finished turned part.

Turned Parts from Steel, Stainless Steel, Brass and more!

The main types of material that we machine are Steel, stainless steel, brass, aluminium and plastic. We are a multi-metal machine shop, therefore, allowing us to maximize the industry sectors we supply. Many different grades of each material type are therefore machined. The following section gives more information on material grades.

Steel Grades

Steel grades machined are generally mild and alloy steel. Please see the main grades below:

  • 230M07/230M07PB
  • 070M20/080A15
  • 080M40/212A42
  • 605M36T/606M36T
  • 708M40T/709M40T
  • 817M40T

Furthermore, other steel grades can be turned and milled so please ask if not listed above.

Stainless Steel Grades

Many different grades of stainless steel can be machined due to our latest technology CNC lathes. Please see the main types therefore listed below:

  • 303 (1.4305)
  • 304 (1.4301)
  • 316 (1.4401/1.4404)
  • 416 (1.4005)
  • 431 (1.4057)
  • 440C (1.4125)

Most of all, stainless steel turned components are manufactured for customers in the marine sector along with hydraulic.


Both free-cutting and high-tensile grades of brass are machined by M&M Turned Parts Ltd. The main grades are therefore listed below:

  • CW614N (CZ121)
  • CW602N (CZ132)
  • CW606N (CZ131)
  • CW721R (CZ114)

We have vast experience in turning brass, as a result, we can make components in many shapes and forms.

Aluminium Grades

In essence, Aluminium CNC Machining is a core part of our subcontract engineering service. Here are the main grades we can therefore turn and mill:

  • 2011
  • 6026
  • 6262
  • 6082

Engineering Plastics

Our company has extensive plastic machining experience. As a result, our precision components are produced from the below grades:

  • Acetal
  • Nylon
  • Delrin
  • ABS

M&M Turned Parts Ltd also machine materials such as copper, gunmetal and bronze.

Brass Turned Components
Brass CNC Turned Parts


What our clients says about our work

Electrical Industry: M&M Turned Parts have been supplying our turned parts for 10 years. Top company!

- Lisa, Managing Director

Leisure Industry: We needed a quick turnaround for some machined components and found M&M to be really supportive.

- Julie, Buyer

Fastener Industry: Great company, we use M&M regularly for our turned parts and machined components.

- Mark, Director


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