New Machine – Added capacity upto 65mm diameter

M&M Turned Parts Ltd have purchased a second hand Traub CNC Turning lathe to aid capacity issues. Over the last few months we have seen further growth in new business development. As a team we have identified a capacity problem from 42mm diameter upwards in terms of available machining hours. The new machine will allow us to offer on time delivery on new work without causing supply issues to existing customers. The TNM65 machine was purchased with a view that we could be up and running within days due to our knowledge of this machine. Another factor was that we already have ample tooling suitable to this machine tool.

CNC Turning – Capability

The Traub TNM65 is a rugged machine tooling utilising 4 cross slides for forming and parting of the workpiece. This cnc machine tool has an 8 station turret for working on the main spindle. It also features a 3 station bast end unit for turning, drilling and tapping on the sub-spindle. For a large capacity machine the Traub TNM has quick change time from spindle to spindle. This allows for fast cycle times on basic to mid complexity turned parts.


Traub are at the forefront of cnc machine tool manufacture. The rigidity, bulid quality and reliability is hard to beat. M&M Turned Parts Ltd have invested over £2,000,000 on Traub CNC lathes and now house 14 machines on site.

The company will be looking at adding a new 32mm CNC Sliding Head lathe along with another twin-spindle 65mm machine moving forward. Continuous investment is a key view of our company to allow steady growth and progression. This will depend on the economy over this time period along with other factors.

Thank you for reading and we hope you have enjoyed our latest post.

New Machine