M&M Turned Parts Ltd are a precision machining company based in Redditch, West Midlands. Precision machining is therefore the focus of our company. Subcontract machining of turned parts is therefore the core of the business. A steady switch to CNC Turning machines has therefore took fold over recent years. Above all our 12,000 square foot factory now houses 15 cnc machines.

Precision Machining Company

The organisation is now setup to offer subcontract CNC Turning and CNC Machining of medium to complex components. These machines are ideal for smaller diameter components from free machining materials. Our current portfolio of work is mainly shaft and pin manufacture on these smaller capacity machines.

Fixed Head CNC Machining

Our larger fixed head cnc machines are suited to heavy machining. Larger components upto 65 mm diameter and 300 mm in length are ideal for these machines. The Traub machines are very rigid and therefore suited to taking heavy depths of cut. Batch sizes of turned parts produced range from 50-off to 20,000-off. Common materials include the machining of steel, stainless steel, brass and aluminium. The company can machine plastics such as Acetal and Nylon on these machines. We have developed our own cnc programs for turning and milling of hard to machine materials.

Hydrocarbon Degreasing

All components are fully cleaned in our environmentally friendly cleaning plant. This houses a Durr Minio Hydrocarbon cleaning machine. Our cleaning plant is considered the market leader due to its cleanliness.


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