Specialist Fasteners are non-standard parts which are manufactured to order. Components of this nature are generally produced by cnc machining on a turning lathe. Types of components can range from machine and socket screws to high-tensile bolts. A specialist fastener such as a security screw and bolt can be manufactured from many materials. Common materials include alloy steel, stainless steel, phosphor bronze along with exotic alloys. Fasteners can also be produced from brass, aluminium and engineering plastics depending on required function. For instance socket screws in general are manufactured from stainless steel. Stainless steel components offer excellent corrosion resistance. This is required in industries such as marine and petrochemical.

Specialist Fasteners – Why the Demand?

The answer for this is that so called off the shelf fasteners aren’t always fit for purpose. Many designers like to create a custom product which differs from the competition. Specialist fasteners can be machined to closer tolerances which is another key point. A cnc turning machine can achieve surface finishes not possible from other methods. Many shapes and features can be achieved using cnc machining centres. The cnc machines in our shop are equipped with live tooling. This allows machining of hexagons and custom shapes.

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