M&M Turned Parts Ltd are a subcontract engineering company working within the CNC Turning and Machining industry. We are located within the West Midlands which houses a vast and skilled manufacturing community. Our machine shop is based in Redditch, which is historically known for it’s industry and needle manufacturing. Many people visit Forge Mill Museum due to it’s World Famous Needles. Redditch was initially created to supplement Birmingham and thrived as an industrial Town. Other industries such as Spring Manufacture and Presswork are associated with the Town.

CNC Turning

Like many companies within Redditch we started off as a conventional machine shop offering subcontract engineering services. Typical machine types included Cam Automatics along with Capstan Lathes. Due to the limited capability of these machines they often had to be supplemented by pillar drills and milling machines. From the early 2000’s components were able to be manufactured with one hit machining due to using CNC Turning lathes. These lathes are equipped with live tooling enabling parts to be milled in addition to turned. With the aid of precise encoders the machines are able to position features accurately along and around the component. Single point turning also became popular due to the development of the CNC Turning lathe, offering far superior surface finishes. This was further improved with the development of indexable carbide inserts.

So what is the future for Subcontract Engineering Companies?

This is difficult to predict with new technological advances being presented year on year. Companies such as ourselves have to look to stay ahead with investing in the latest machinery and evolving with new marketing methods.