A subcontract machining company has a major role to play in many industry sectors. In this day and age most companies have invested in CNC technology to improve their capabilities. Many modern day machine shops house both CNC turning and CNC milling machines. There are many different types of companies around and many are located in the Midlands.

Subcontract machining is basically receiving a drawing or design from a potential customer. The company will then quote against the inquiry if within their machining range. If the quotation is of interest to the customer an order will be placed. The machining company will then produce the parts to order and deliver as required.

There are many different types of subcontract machining services available. Some company’s offer many, where as others will specialize in a specific area. Services such as turning, milling and grinding are the most common.

Local Subcontract Machining Company: M&M Turned Parts Ltd

M&M Turned Parts Ltd are an established precision engineering company with a vast range of machining knowledge and capability. Our company offers cnc turning and milling in a range of materials. Some types include stainless steel and engineering plastics. Components of 2mm diameter to 150mm diameter can be produced in batch sizes of 200-off upwards. Services such as assembly are incorporated in-house along with vibro finishing. Other services including heat treatment, plating and grinding are provided by our established supply base.

Official accreditation of ISO9001-2015 has seen M&M Turned Parts Ltd develop a vast customer base of known companies. Industries such as renewable energy and petrochemical feature in a vast range of sectors served. Services such as Just-In-Time delivery are offered where deemed suitable to help the customer.

Thank you for reading this latest post and feel free to contact us with any turned part and machined component needs.

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