A new normal in manufacturing post Covid-19.

So the number one question everyone seems to be asking at the moment is: “Are things getting back to normal?”. The short answer to this is “yes”, but it’s a new type of normal within the subcontract manufacturing industry. The Covid-19 pandemic has certainly changed how many companies operate and this new approach could be here to stay. It is challenging times out there and we are all having to adapt to a new way of working.

The key is to protect both employees and visitors whilst remaining productive in a contracted global economy.

Level of Business

On a whole business seems to be steady for many subcontract machining companies who are involved in producing components to a range of different sectors. Areas such as aerospace have been heavily impacted with the reduction in air travel since the Covid-19 pandemic. Many organisations are having to adapt by becoming more flexible in terms of leadtimes and batch sizes. Measures such as these are necessary in times of reduced consumer confidence in spending. There does seem to have been a genuine upturn in business though of late as many have returned to work.

Future Lockdown Implications

The government is focusing on keeping industry functioning even in the event of further lockdowns. Subcontract manufacturing companies have been very positive in adapting to workplace legislation. Social distancing both on the shop floor and in eating areas is generally enforced. M&M Turned Parts have rules in place for sanitising any received goods. Hand sanitisers are located at the two access points of the main building for visitors and delivery drivers. Anyone entering the premises must be wearing a face covering and hand sanitise before entry. With these measures in place manufacturers are able to operate safely under strict lockdown legislation.