M&M Turned Parts have been established for over 30 years and this is down to our efforts in building long-term customer relationships. This is by no means an easy feat as I’m sure many other businesses within precision engineering would agree. The subcontract machining sector is built on two main factors being quality and price. It’s a no brainer really as customers expect to receive a quality product at a competitive price. None of us ever like to feel that we have been overcharged or provided with a sub-standard product.

Importance of Quality in Repeat Business

As mentioned in the previous paragraph, we all expect to receive an item to an acceptable standard of quality. Over the years we have found our high standards have stood us in good stead. Some of our customers have been using us for machined parts for 25 – 30 years. A lot of effort and planning has to go in to making sure parts are supplied to the buyer’s expectations. Much of the groundwork is done at the quotation stage. It is critical to clarify any unclear dimensions or deviations from drawing specification. I can’t emphasise enough about the importance of packaging the goods correctly in preparation for transporting.

Offering a Cost-Effective Solution to your Customer

We operate in the subcontract machining sector which is very competitive in terms of pricing. In order to gain loyalty from customers you have to be honest with your pricing. I personally have found it of benefit to show customers the information when you may need increases. Also, like any industry both technology and efficiency improve. CNC Machinery is always evolving and by investing in new plant you give yourself a head start in being able to offer competitive prices by reducing cycle times of parts.

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