Turned Parts machining and manufacture are what M&M Turned Parts Ltd are about. We offer the full machining package whether you need help with design or manufacture. The company was originally setup in 1990 as a conventional machining shop. Types of machinery operated varied from cam automatics through to capstan lathes. Since the year 2000 the company has progressed to a full CNC machine shop.

What is turned parts machining?

The machining of turned parts is done by taking a round piece of bar stock and rotating at speed in a spindle chuck. Cutting tools are then brought into the face and diameter of the bar stock and used to machine the required shape. This process is termed as metal turning which produces swarf chips. Many different shapes can be machined using a range of forming and turning tools. Materials that can be machined are steel, brass, aluminium and engineering plastics. With automatic cnc machines this process is repeated over and over with the help of a bar feeder. For instance, our cnc machines can run un-manned for many hours producing high quality components. A range of components of diameter 2mm upto 65mm can be produced on our CNC Turning Machines. Component lengths vary from 2mm upto 500mm.

A high quality product matters!

From our point of view a high-quality product is important to set the standard. Our company operates an ISO 9001 UKAS quality system. This system allows us to track all details from the quotation stage through to delivery. Our aim is to build a customer base who feel they can rely on us time and time again. Many of our customers have been with us since the beginning. This means a lot to us and therefore we are very grateful to each and every one of them.

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